When will we fight back against the violent maga hat wearing nazi trumptards?



Violence will never win in the end.

We can do it as soon as we fight back against the masked antifa thugs and the violent BLM shirt wearing liberals.

The new face of the democrat party: white hoods, take guns, kill babies, impersonate minorities for personal gain, anti- semetic proclamations, rapists and other sexual predators, stolen valor and other fraud and preying on the stupid.

Maybe don't. I am not for trump but I am for my fellow Americans and if you actually take the time to talk to some of those people you will find that they probably do not match your preconceived notions of them across-the-board.

Someone was wearing a "USA" red cap at Trump's last rally. Much more acceptable.

Wearing a hat is not the definition of violent just because CNN told you it was.

Get a grip on reality...

Arrange a meeting in your mom's basement.

On November 3, 2020, when we kick them out of office.

Now, every day.Most of them areold and senile so easy targets.