Conservatives who are calling Trump the greatest President ever. Can you help me understand where this is coming from?

I don’t like Trump but I’m trying to put it in terms as if he was my guy and I’m still not seeing how he can even compare to the greatest

Trump hasn’t undertaken and completed a massive infustructure project like Eisenhower, he didn’t win a civil war that kept the union United and freed the slaves like Lincoln, he didn’t get us out of a Great Depression and though a world war, defeating Hitler like FDR, he didn’t co found the United Nations, NATO, End WW2 and stop the spread of communism into South Korea like Truman, he didn’t prevent a nuclear war like Kennedy. In fact he very nearly started one with North Korea..


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Trump is a moderate president.Not great, not horrible.His policies are certainly better than what he says.Most of the problems I have had with Trump come from him opening his mouth, not his policies.

IF, however, I wanted to make the case that Trump is REALLY good, I doubt I could, but I could decimate the case that you could make for FDR, Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy or Lincoln.Their cases are generally overstated and their faults are generally glossed over.

The reason they are praising Trump so much is that the left is truly going so insane.Now I know you are not going to want to hear this and you likely don't even think you do this.Perhaps you don't but IF you want to understand the right, you need to see what they see on a constant basis.

Socialism is being embraced by the left.They are literally calling it socialism.Now you can certainly make the argument that there are socialistic aspect to most all gov't spending. But talking to ANYONE who remembers the fear of war with the USSR, and calling yourself a socialist is BAD!!!.

This means that they view Trump as fighting a great evil.Socialism.

The media is mostly left, with the exception of Fox which is too far to the right.Stories like the Convington Kids, not only lend credence to this truth, but make it so that Trump is not only right, but he is the hero fighting the big bad media.

The right literally thinks we are in a war for the heart of the US. We had no real fear of the USSR being able to land here and institute communism in the US.Sure they could nuke us, but they couldn't take us over. We had no fear of Hitler being able to take us over and instituting Nazism.

Right now the far right is in a state of fear that the left does indeed plan on destroying the US.And WHY?

Most on the left know that the Green New Deal is a garbage idea that will never come to fruition, but AOC has been given a MEGAPHONE!
Most on the left only want slight gun reform that would not take away all of our rights, but David Hogg was given a MEGAPHONE!
Most on the left know that we cannot afford Medicare for all at $32 TRILLION over the next 10 years, but we can work toward improving the system, but Bernie Sanders was given a MEGAPHONE!

SOOOO a large egotistical personality like Trump comes and opposes this,.... , it looks to the right like Trump is fighting for the heart of the nation.

And BTW,the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republic and the National SOCIALIST party were the greatest evils in the minds of the US in the last 100 years. You come at these people who feared socialism due to the EXTREMELY negative connotation with SOCIALISM IN THE US!!!Did you really not expect this backlash???

Oh and BTW, calling all of them RACIST because of the backlash you receive for promoting socialism, is not helping in ANY way.

This even goes into weird cross-sections.In California, it appears that the same people who made pot legal want to make cigarettes illegal.SERIOUSLY??? Sometimes it is as if you want to turn-over and disrupt everything just for the sake of doing so.


His success as the United States president

Mainly saying that to piss the libtards off. And of course, it works.

greatest president ever? compared to who? nixon?

He will never ever come close to being a good President.Ever.

Honestly, truthfully - because he is their Daddy.

He’s been President 2 years and you are comparing him to past Presidents that had years to accomplish their terms.Secondly, Trump has to contend with the fake news from the TV and press, none of which tends to be complimentary.He’s a great president so get use to it, he’s going to be President through a second term.

Lowest unemployment rates in YEARS!Tax cuts, trade deals,actually N.K. hasn't launched a missile since Obama was in office..Economy is booming..

Fox News' propaganda
and Trump's lies

I have scratched the blood from my head trying to figure this out. I do know he owns them completely and wholly.

Opinions like that come from the meth-addled brains of trailer trash Trump supporters.