My boyfriend are trying to rent from his father. Is his father allowed to keep my boyfriend off the lease in case he plans on suing me?

My boyfriend’s father is a Landlord and is wanting to meet with us about renting one of his homes. He stated that he does not want my boyfriend signing the lease because he’s not going to sue his son. If his father is thinking he’s going to sue me one day, and keeping his son off the lease for that reason, is that legal? Is he allowed to rent to two people, but only let one sign the lease, and let his son off the lease, but still live there and not be legally responsible for anything?



I was a renter for 30 years and no LL ever had to sue me.His father must suspect some issue will arise as why would he even think about suing?I would be leery of a LL who seems to anticipate problems, and who wants to put full responsibility on you.

Most places, any adult living there must be on the lease.

That is a gray area, but under what conditions would he have to sue you?Can't you pay the rent?

As the landlord yo typically want everyone on the lease (at least mentioned and everyone over 18 to sign) but I guess this is the exception.You don't have to have all occupants on the lease and can refuse to allow one of them to ber on the lease if you so choose.i mean its your house so its your choice, certainly no law thatsay all tenants have to be on the lease - so yeah, its legal.

Of course if you pay the rent and don't violate the lease then there is no problem.The concern for me, in this case, is if you and your boyfriend break up and he even moves out, now you and you alone have to pay the rent and all bills and you alone will have the eviction and judgement on your credit; which may be why the father doesn't want your bf to sign.Actually, technically, I guess you are the only one signing so even if your bf just didn't feel like paying the rent this is all true but I wouldn't expect that problem if you are together.

So, decide if the risk is worth taking and sign the lease if you think it is, but its all on you to make sure its all paid.You could try to bug your bf to talk to his dad about getting on the lease but if he won't or has no luck then once again, its all on you to pay the rent or get your credit damaged.

He can, but I certainly wouldn't sign it and be the only one on the hook for rent and/or damages. What happens if you break up?

He is allowed to have you sign the lease and list your boyfriend as a occupant.It all comes down to who is financially responsible, and in that case you would be.IF you agree to that, only do it if your boyfriend first signs an agreement with you with his financial responsibility towards you.If you don't, then he could move out at anytime and leave you responsible for 100% of the rent and any damages done.

Honestly, this sounds to me like his dad is doing this to protect his son and allow him a way to move out easily but still have someone else under contract to pay him.If it were me, I'd say that's fine as long as your boyfriend agrees, in writing, to the agreed upon rent and agreed upon security deposit and damages.That means dad could sue you, but you could still sue your boyfriend.If he's moving out, then let's assume he is an Ex so suing would be fine.

Completely legal, but that doesn't mean you should agree.

This is totally up to the landlord.Most companies want all occupants over 18 on the lease, but a private landlord doesn't have to.You can also refuse to sign & find something else if you want.

That may be legal...but he is implying that he will sue you...which would lead me to be quite concerned.

Tell him to make this legitimate or you wont sign.What if his son destroys the place...