Do conservatives understand that Mueller's investigation is far more legitimate than Trump's presidency?


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No, because they are profoundly stupid and gullible.



NO,they don't,,republicans can't bring themselves to see trump for the con man that he is

Trump's presidency is legitimate.The results were certified on December 19, 2018.Move on.

I understand you can't possibly explain how that is.I DEFY you to try.

no because its not true an investigation based on a false dossier, spying, bias and lies is not legitimate while Trumps presidency is completely legitimate

Conservatives do not understand that because it is not really true.They are equally legitimate.

Trump was legitimately elected by an Electoral College that is and has been our legal method of electing a President for centuries.

That said, the Electoral College currently values votes in Montana and Wyoming 6 times as much as votes in California.

Mueller is investigating Russian interference in our election, so the investigation is legitimate and with good reason and purpose.Hopefully Mueller finds a way to prevent any future interference.

Conservatives have never been known for understanding.Like empathy and compassion, those are liberal values.Conservatives are into isolationism and self interest.

Mueller is a true American

Most Americans now understand that there was no predicate for any investigation.How does that make it all?LOL

No . As a general rule I don't " understand " that which is untrue .

What I do " understand " is that the Libs need Mueller's witch hunt and the daily promise of " we'll get him soon ! " to make it through each day .