Didn't Trump say the federal income tax return would fit on a post card?


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Yes. Sort of:
Trump's New IRS 'Postcard' Is Not So Simple And Not Really A Postcard



I think he lied again, they come out with a packet to do your taxes this year !

I remember Ted Cruz saying that during the Presidential primaries, but don't recall Trump saying it.

That was Steve Forbes. Bush was President at the time.

Did he?I don't recall that.

Democrat version:

1. How much money did you make last year? ________
2. Send it in.

A big post card.

No. He didn't say that your 2018 tax return would fit on a post card.

no, not that I know of.

No, Paul Ryan did. Right before he announced he was not running again.

You have to admit, though, the 1040EZ Would fit on a postcard if it didn't have to have so much on it about the "Paperwork Reduction act"

And how did YOU handle it when people criticized obama after only two years for not fulfilling ALL his promises?

Yes, until Democrats took over the house.