Rush Limbaugh predicts when when Mueller exonerates Trump, his approval rating will “skyrocket”. Will it?


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I’d reckon at least a 10% boost


B.S.if there is nothing there the investigation would have been over with,,
and trump would have talked to mueller,,if he was innocent instead trump hired lawyers,,those aren't the actions of someone innocent


No.The liberal media will still be dumping on him 24/7.

Of course!That's why he should be excited that Mueller is doing a thorough and comprehensive investigation!Last thing he needs is some Kavanaugh-style nonsense that liberals can just dismiss as a charade.That's why I think it's good for Trump that so many people are getting means Mueller is really digging deep!!!

When he's exonerated no one will doubt that Trump wasn't doing all this pro-Russia stuff because Putin was forcing him was all his idea!I bet he can't wait....but just gotta be patient.His time will come!

I'm about to catch my flight so you don't gotta wait on me

Whose approval rating? Trump's? Mueller's? Or Limbaugh's?

No, because Mueller will not exonerate Trump. He will indict Trump for multiple felonies including conspiracy to defraud the US, violation of the foreign corrupt practices act, wire fraud, money laundering, failing to register as a foreign agent, obstruction of justice, and civil RICO violations.

I think the word he's looking for is "if".

And sure, *if* that happens, Trump's approval rating will probably go up.

EVEN better then it is now !!!