Does it make someone look like an idiot if they’re in college for a long time?




No. The best boss I've ever had took ten years to finish college. He attended three different universities, changed majors several times and took a lot of drugs. Nevertheless, he was excellent at his job and superb at working with and motivating his staff. Completing your education can be delayed by a number of things -- lack of finances, changes in direction, immaturity and life circumstances (illness, pregnancy, deployment, trauma).

No, there are plenty of circumstances that could lead to this, and none are idiotic.

Lots of people go to school part-time because they work full-time, have family obligations, etc. It is not how long you spend in college, but how well you do.

not at all

I don't think so. I was in as long as it took to do a degree, a graduate diploma and a post grad, the minimum I needed to do the job I do.

Depends. You might take a four-year course, then go on to do another degree. You wouldn't be an idiot if you were clever enough to do that.

I guess if they have been attending more than is usually necessary.

Not if the person is attending part-time because he or she is employed.