T or F : The point of feminism is to force rigid sexist gender roles onto men while freeing women from gendered obligations...?

male gender roles like protector/provider



F, it's a bastardization of a point of view...selfish interpretation of something religious or philosophical.It's a rationalization and justification to make one's point of view fit "their rules."

The point is, feminism wants to run the show. That and nothing else.
A female anti-feminist.

I think feminists want men to be providers in the sense feminists tend to promote alimiony, high child support payments, entitlements for women, men subsidizing women's health care, women being advantaged in job hiring, business owenership, etc.

When it comes to traditional relationships however, I think it's normal women, not feminists who typically seek a man who will be a provider and protector.That's been the case throughout history.In this respect I think we actually see feminists challenging what most women really want, not supporting it.

Feminists have shown repeatedly they don't feel women should have the same obligations as men.We see articles that justify women getting shorter prison sentences, with some feminists even claiming we should stop sending women to prison for anything.You never hear feminists say women should go work as much as men or taken the the dangerous jobs men do as a way to end the gender wage gap.

There's nothing in any feminist platform I've ever seen that tries to dictate that men be protectors or providers. Most of it tends to be about allowing women to provide for themselves, hence the reason equal pay is such a big deal to feminists. It's more about crafting a world where women aren't dependent on men than forcing men into traditional roles.

feminists is the anti-virus protection. what are you talking about, beggar? child support wouldn't exist if men were to take care of boys right from mom's vagina...and they will.

True..not just feminists but this is a dream of every woman. Women got used to their lazy and irresponsible life and its hard for them to change. In the past it wasn't much of a big deal because women used to be loyal and respectful towards men. But nowadays women think they are equal to men thanks to all those vagina privileges. They are not happy to stay inside the kitchen anymore but demands equal respect of men. I don't have a problem with that if they are ready to take responsibility and face life like a man expect no more free rides. Just stop being immature and work your @ss off like men. This is where feminists lose their credibility for the stupid movement called feminism they have created. And you know feminist's one and only weapon against people like me who exposes their BS is shaming tactics and seduce those vulnerable men with their vagina power so they will be white knights. Sadly for them shaming tactics lose their effect since mgtows educate more and more men about gynocentrism and its possible aftermath. When we started mgtow it was mainly consisted of beta males but now alpha males start to appreciate us and join our community.