As a woman I'm so sexually frustrated, should I just ask a guy out?

Nobody has asked me out in years and years. I'm not exactly the prettiest... Yeah im a little on the ugly side. I've been nice, but being nice has even up getting me iced (ignored) by one dude I like. He seems to even be having a problem with being around me, and looked at me a few times like he was pissed.I'm extremely lonely, what do you guys think about me just asking some guy out?

Is that desperate for a woman to do that?



I say if your not pretty then that’s probably why no guys asked you out. My ex was gorgeous and she had over 2000 friend requests. And all of them were guys asking her out.

It's not like that. You just think positivite

I don't understand why would a woman have any difficultyfindinga man to ask her out... I mean it's not like men care about women's social skills, ability to tell jokes, height, social status, etc.... If you are having a hard time finding a man to ask you out my guess is that your standards are a little to high... my guess is that you might be the typical woman who cares about the man's social skills, ability to tell jokes, height, social status etc .... which explains why is normal for some men to be lonely... since they don't meet women's high expectations.... however as i pointed out, men don't expect women to meet any superficial requirements so i don't understand why you are saying that you're having problems finding a man to ask you out.

You stated "... Yeah im a little on the ugly side" however most men are fully heterosexuals as a result most men can find physical beautify in any woman. If I saw you at the store i would admire your beauty ........ whereas women are unlikely of finding physical beauty in any man...

Now, you should avoid premarital sex...why would you want to increase your risks of being involved in something like abortion, single motherhood, std etc... regardless of what liberals say, "contraceptives" aren't 100 percent effective at preventing "unwanted pregnancies".

Are you interested in anything that guys are interested in?That would be a place to start. No one male or female is going to appeal to everyone from the opposite (or same) sex. Dating is hard for many men too.

go to a club and get drunk

You deserve to find a man.Rather than just a date and a one-night stand you should be looking for a permanent partner.I would advise you to go to an online matchmaking site such as, they cost a lot of money but this could be a long term commitment.And yes, there are lots of guys who are not so good looking and very lonely who would make good partners.

Go for it.

No, if a woman asked me out it would probably be the single most wonderful experience of my life. But I'm a loser, so I'm probably not in any position to give you any advice.

EDIT: Watched it, I'm willing to take that risk.
EDIT2: Lol, at least they can still attract someone from the opposite sex. If I'm not a loser then I'm a pathetic human being who can't attract anyone.
EDIT3: I have zero experience with girls and I'm ugly. Maybe not the worst looking, but I have the social skills of a 12 year old. And I'm 100% sure no woman is interested in me.

YES !!This isn't the 1950's anymore !DO IT !!