Should I expect at least a 50,000 job after I recieve my bachelors dehree?



It depends on your degree & your location where you want to work.A liberal Arts degree means nothing and will get nothing while an engineering degree will get you decent offers.

Is possible keep trying

Don't expect anything.My daughter got her medical degree as a Physician's Assistant and was only able to find one place that would take the risk of hiring her, at $3000 per month.(She now makes $10k/mo.)

depends on where you live and what you studied.Hoping that English is not your first language.If it is, well, learn to spell.

Not necessarily. In fact, a degree keeps us from getting a lot of jobs. And, just because you have a degree does not mean you will get a professional job. You might end up still getting a job at McDonald's.

Only in a few fields, with good grades and probably a solid internship.

depends on your degree, location, and the job field you are looking to get into. a bachelor degree in environmental studies can get you 30k a year whereas a degree in finance can land you 100k+

Depends on the degree and how well you did and other qualifications, not to mention salaries (and cost of living) vary widely market to market.You can just google "starting salary for XXX degree" and get an idea what is it.

Considering you failed to correctly spell Degree...

Unless you went to a very good school and studied an in-demand major...probably not.