Had a married mans baby?

Almost 5 years ago I had a baby with a married man. We have talked maybe 6 times in these 5 years. Neither him or his family has ever tried to see my daughter. He’s never asked about her, his parents have never tried to contact me or my daughter. Do you think thats strange? If it was the other way around, i would want to know about her. If I was the grandparent I would want to know who my grandchild was regardless how she got here. He is still married and had a baby thats exactly 9 months younger than my daughter almost to the day. His wife and family didnt find out about my daughter till she was one. It breaks my heart for my daughter. Its not her fault



I agree. Accept it and move on.

First and foremost,did you apply for child maintenance ?
Secondly, if I made a chinese in far away Beijing pregnan with my child I would want to know haqt baby and very likely bring her to the UK with me... so I annot understand men who abandon their child !

Awww, you are right, it is NOT your daughter's fault that her mother had sex and got pregnant by a married man, it is her mother's fault.

Now you know the true meaning of CHEATING.You AND he cheated on his wife. Cheating causes a lot of people being cheated out of something.

First, you cheated yourself from having an authentic relationship.You cheated yourself out of spending holidays, vacations and special times when you longed for him, while he was with his wife, pretending you did not even exist.

Your part in the affair cheated his wife while you were having sex with her husband.

When you got pregnant, you cheated your baby out of having a father that cares.Your cheating cheated your daughter from having a relationship with her grandparents and other relatives.Your affair has cheated your daughter out of knowing her half sibling.You cheated yourself out of a relationship with the father of your child because he has a wife and now, another child and life with them.

So, you see, cheating cheats everyone involved.

You are the other woman.You are the one who, with him, did not take birth control as seriously as you should have. And even if you were on the pill and he used condoms, you were in a forbidden relationship that never should have happened in the first place.Your relationship is a stain to that family and why should they expose that stain when they can quietly pretend it did not exist. Of course he kept his dirty little secret affair and the birth of his daughter a secret, during the time he was getting his wife pregnant.

I am not quite sure how you can expect anyone to open their hearts to you and the daughter you conceived with the married man who is sticking by his wife's and their child's side.It is up to them if they want anything to do with you and or your daughter and all you can do is accept their decision because you do not have the power to change their minds.

Even five years after the cheating affair ended, you are still being cheated, so is your daughter, so are her relatives.But, this is the price cheaters pay.Sorry to say.

Well you made the poor decision to have sex, and then a baby, with a man who was not available to you (aka married).Your time for deep thinking was before you became pregnant.

It's not her fault.
If you are completely honest with yourself, then atleast in some part of your mind you would have known that situations like this would happen. You cannot change this situation. It's completely up to them. Accept it as it is and move on.

It's not your sweet baby's fault what is happening.
It's evident they want nothing to do with the baby (sadly) .. but lots of people are that way.
If your choice - but you can have DNA done on your baby and prove to the world that it is his (will prove it to your baby, too - when grown up).
You can also seek child support, etc.
Sadly - you can't make them want to see your baby or have anything to do with it.
If you can - go forward with you and your baby's life and be as happy as can be.Consider proving to the world the maternity.

Him and his family obviously wants nothing to do with you or your daughter no offense but move on and raise her as a single mom. this is why you don’t mess with married men he worked things out with his wife or she revenge cheated and got pregnant either wayit’s not her fault her father wants nothing to do with her it’s yours.

I agree.It's not your child's fault. It's your fault.

So how to you plan to make it up to her?

Maybe he, his wife, his family are shunning your child because her mother is a wh*re.

Was it being fair when you were screwing him and you knew he was married? No that wasn't fair and it was your fault. You should have been thinking about these things before you started screwing him. I don't think this is about your kid at all, it is about you and them shunning you.