Is talking to house plants weird?

As I water my plant, I actually talk to it,

Is that usual?

Its quite funny I guess, I was watering it and my wife was sat in the corner in a chair reading a book and watched me

She thinks it cute

But is it weird to talk to a houseplant and even name it?


Best Answer

If you stop talking to it it will die. I talk to all of my plants they look forward to it.


I hope so. Normal people scare me.

Yes, get someone to talk with

Fruiter than a nut cake. As long as you are cute, okay, but you cannot exactly depend on a woman to keep you straight. I would talk to the plants if I wanted to (in fact I can't figure out why I don't.)

Kind of, but then again, I talk outloud to myself, so, uh, no comment.


There are many studies that seem to support talking to plants is beneficial to them.

No, it’s proven to make plants healthier if you compliment them. They also breathe carbon dioxide which you are giving them by exhaling every word.

Yes.You need some friends to talk to.

Weird is when they talk to you.