Isn't it funny that people in Europe are punished for denying that the Holocaust happened?



No it's not funny.

What is pathetic is that some americans don't see the difference between 'not being allowed to deny the holocaust' and 'not being allowed to criticise any jew'

They are punished more for believing that it happened. Most are still mind controlled slaves that don't perceive their abuser.... it's sadly understandable. They have been indoctrinated from the moment of their birth, never a moment of truth. The strength to break that programing is not so easily obtained by most.

Europe is made up of many different nations, each with different laws regarding Holocaust denial.Personally I'm of the opinion that anyone denying it should be allowed to do so - it exposes their ignorance and bigotry.

Europe was much closer to the reality of the holocaust than was the United States.Frankly, I've never heard the claim that the holocaust was a hoax outside of the context of bashing the victims.

jews are not punished for killing 70 million in gulags / shootings in soviet union. double standards; forgive me.

they dont accept lies in Europe

No it's not funny.

It's the same tactic different pathway here.

Silencing of any criticism of jews.

Similar to punishing you here when they label you "antisemitic".

I have free speech.

Saves everyone a bit of trouble with the civil suits for slander these daft ***** inevitably trot out every few years.

It isn't a bit funny, poor choice of words.