How long do you leave dirty dishes in dishwasher?

And do you leave the door open or closed between washes?



Easier to do a few dishes by hand than to let the food dry on. I have put a dirt dish on the raditor for half an hour and very very tough to get it clean even with a SS scrubber. The dish washer is for company.

I do not run my dishwasher until it is totally full, so the dirty dishes stay there up to three, maybe four days sometimes.This saves on electricity and dish washing detergent.

I do, however, buy an inexpensive store brand of white vinegar and throw a cup in the bottom of the dish washer when I set it to clean.

The only time my dishwasher door is open is when I am loading dirty dishes into it or when I am putting away clean dishes.There is no good reason to keep a dishwasher door open otherwise.

Not really a good idea.
Some foods pit the surface of the dishes and silverware.
Use the rinse/light rinse cycle then leave them there to be washed in the normal cycle.

A couple hours /// can y’all go answer my recent question please?


You leave the door open and use Palm Olive and bleach.

24 hours max. I also do a soak cycle if stuff is likely to dry on.

2-6 days

Full cycle. No energy saving.