How important is an engagement ring?



Engagement rings became popular after DeBeers cornered the market on Diamonds and used wedding engagements to propagate profits in diamond sales with a marketing campaign that equated love with diamonds.Everyone bought it.Well, just about everyone, that is.

An engagement ring is only important to the people who believe an engagement can't be so without a ring. Then there are those who feel pressured to buy/receive a ring to fit into what they see as the norm.

Very important

It's important especially if you wanna show everyone that you made that commitment to be with your fiance

The engagement ring does 2 things.

It's first an investment in your future spouse. It shows that you are serious about moving toward marriage. (NOTE: It's not that you have to spend a ton of money on an engagement ring, but rather that you put effort toward it. I got the engagement ring for my wife at a pawn shop for $80.Doesn't mean I love her less, it was all I could afford at the time).

It also serves as a marker on her to show that she is in a serious relationship with someone who is committed to her long term.

From that standpoint, it's important.

Beyond that, it's up to you and her regarding how much weight you give it.

If he's worth it and your love is worth it a ring shouldn't mean anything.

I never wanted to be 'ringed' to show I was the property of someone else. That is not how it should be. The commitment is in the heart, not on your finger. There were more important things to spend money on.

To me very

Promise to get marry. but....not 100%

You're asking the wrong people. How important is it to your fiance? THAT'S how important it is.