Anybody else laugh hysterically when they saw the photo of Will Smith as the genie in "Alladin"?


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I only felt fear.


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Learn how to spell Aladdin.No, I did not laugh; hysterically or otherwise.

He looks funny..

Here's the 2nd trailer teaser. He looks like a smurf who got hit with the same gamma rays as Dr David Banner, and turned into The Incredible Smulk. His face looks swollen got he got stung by a bee. He also looks like Antoine Merriweather, from In Living Color..."Two Snaps Up for Aladdin!" Hi-larious indeed.

I haven't seen it.



Probably not.You must be very easily amused.It was quite funny so I smiled a little.But it's not THAT funny!

It’s kind of a cross between Fresh Prince of Bel Air/ Blue Man Group/Aliens from the Avatar movie.

I am looking forward to the movie though. I think it will be good.