Are there really no female rapists?

I’m curious, because I saw on yahoo answers a comment that there are no female rapists. Ok so if there are no female rapist there would in turn be no male rapists either right? I’ll give a little more detail. Suppose I get a female wet enough to do intercourse and I do it against her free will or without her consent. Her being wet would mean she got aroused as is would a man get aroused by seeing a naked women against his free will. The techniques to activate each sexual arousal would be different but the outcome would be the same. Both are sexually aroused against their free will. The women could be a masochist. Which would mean she gets sexually aroused to be forced to do things she don’t want to do. Which would mean it’s not really rape either if he does her.

Now for a boy an older female that’s mature enough to understand how male sexual arousal works can achieve the same outcome to the sexually ignorant/inexperienced boy as is an older male can do to a younger and/or sexually ignorant/inexperienced female. There is an article explaining females getting aroused (wet) by being forced. It’s from a psychologist but forgot who wrote it. You can always google it.


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There are more female rapists than male rapists... just as there are most female domestic abusers than male and more female child molesters than male... society just excuses and ignores it.


Statutory rape is still rape. Females do it a lot. Probably not as much as men, but they do it.

Women can be rapists. I hear about female teachers sleeping with underage male students at least twice a year which is statutory rape.

The main difference is that the clique dark alleyway rapist is far less likely to be female. It's a lot harder for a female to force herself on a man then it is for a man to force himself on a women. A women doesn't have to be wet to get raped. A man doesn't necessarily have to be hard but if not it's going to be extremely difficult and unsatisfying. It's going to be hard to get a man hard if he's past out drunk were as you don't need to get a female wet. Also there's artificial lubricants, the female doesn't even have to produce them herself.

Side note: sexual masochism disorder is a mental disorder listed in the DSM-5. Not everyone has it and just because someone has it doesn't mean it's ok to rape them or that it's not rape that's just ridiculous, that's contradictory to the definition of rape. Your psychology is almost completely off.

Yes, Women can rape men and other women. Just because someone gets 'wet' or their genitals become erect, it does not count as consent, it is an automatic bodily reaction to a certain situation. No matter the lens you put on it, if there is no consent it is rape, therefore, Females can be rapists.