Agnostics, can we 100 percent rule out the existence of leprechauns, invisible mermaids, pixies, 3 headed goblins and fairies?



The mythical entities which you have named, cannot be ruled out, and that is because they are of Celtic and Viking origin - in particular Leprechauns (otherwise known as, The Little People) live in Ireland and play a major role in the culture of the Irish people.As for fairies, these owe their origins to the Celts of both Britain and Ireland.

Nerver heard of Tinker Bell?Probably one of our most famous fairies and if she was good enough for Walt Disney (a Methodist) then she and all the other fairies are good enough for me, (a Methodist).

Just stories, many relating to our ancient past, cannot be written our of our history nor even our pre-history.

Irish Storyteller Eamon Kelly

I m Welsh, thus I have a very high opinion of the Irish and their Culture, of which I know next to nothing, but it s never too late to learn.

So, let s have some music to go with that.

I'm a Christian.

No, we can not absolutely rule out the existence of any of these. But there is evidence for God and for Jesus.

We can 100 percent rule out the existence of your brain lol

I think I know why I just can't stand you... It is because one of the things I treasure THE most, with every single part of me, is reality EXPANSION! Opening up one's mind to new concepts, and accepting endless possibilities… Although not necessarily agreeing with, or actively believing in, all of them. But at least being able to stay open, and play around with infinite ideas, and energies, and concepts! Kind of taking other levels of reality back here, and merging them with this one.. So that dreams and subconscious concepts bleed into normal life, more so! And you may call that craziness.. But I call that my preferred way of being.

While you..? Are all about rigid, narrow-minded, 100% rationality based reductionism! You are about further SHRINKING people's realities, instead of opening them up! Even if those realities aren't even all that big, or all that weird, in the first place… And now you want people to shut themselves off to even MORE levels, and even MORE potentially beautiful concepts? And you want them to adopt this rigid materialistic straitjacket for their minds that's even tighter, and even MORE suffocating, than anything else they've experienced before..? I freaking HATE that! And I basically just see it as pure evil…

..Granted, I'm hella freaking biased! But speaking as someone whose life SO deeply changed for the better, upon me finding ways to radically EXPAND my own mind and reality..? Speaking as someone whose materialistic mental straitjacket, and former excessive skepticism, did NOT really do me any favors whatsoever? Although I didn't realize just how miserable I'd been, and how much I had unknowingly restricted my own reality, before I was able to throw off those chains, once and for all..? I freaking LOATHE your entire project! As you're basically the anti-Me! The anti everything I deeply cherish! Not because you're an atheist.. I've never had a problem with people being atheists.. But because you want to further SHRINK people's realities, and make them more solid, more rigid, and less open! You want to fully eliminate entire POSSIBILITES for them! And I find that utterly f*cking disgusting...

That's all. Just some late night ramblings. I've stayed up working on my stupid thesis for WAY too long now, and should probably go to sleep for a few hours, at least.. Finally. Thanks for pissing me off more than anyone else has in a good while. <Sigh.> :S

You again, imbecile?

Here's a simple one for you. Prove that I am not an anthropomorphic raven in possession of a Victorian house in downtown Portland.

Oregon, mind you, not Maine.

The only reason I'm agnostic about a deity is because we do not yet know how the universe was created. I do not know what caused the universe, therefore I can't know it wasn't a god.
Now when it comes to the specific gods in holy books, especially the bible and quran, i'll happily say I know those don't exist. But how can you KNOW a god didn't create the universe if you don't know what did?

OF COURSE they might exist (very tiny chance), this is our atheist position. You can't prove they don't exist. Our atheist logic is pure logic. You say they don't exist? Well, PROVE IT. Gotcha!!

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As probable as any God or Jesus or Batman being real, so religious folks would have to disagree on that one.