If you were born in the 21st century (2000 or later) would you feel sad that you missed the 20th century and only lived in 1 century?


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I would, but I have to say the transition years (1999-2000) were awful. People get very hysteric about these things, and there was a continuous hype "oh how modern and futuristic we are going to be". Bear in mind also that it was not only a change of century, but a change of millennium. Go figure.


Yes, the 50s till early 90s were very interesting.

I was born then and no its not sad. the only difference between the 20th and 21st century is the number century (aside from event,s discoveries, etc). I doubt a person would miss much being born in 1999 versus 2000. Ya, you'd miss some events, or stuff but the 21st century is pretty great. Ya, people trash it all the time and talk about how the 20th century was better but its just a number that differentiates the two centuries, not much difference.

Yes i would. Cause living then will be just miserable than 20th century. We all are just getting more mechanical or technological or instrumental. No feeling of living life as we did before. The world is worse day by day.

Don't you ever get bored of posting these stupid questions?

You’ve presented an interesting dilemma.

Ultimately I think it wouldn’t really make any difference.


Because things like technology may appear to have a forward direction; however, SOCIAL EVOLUTION does not.

There is no Law of Nature or Science that says humans can’t bring back Jim Crow, Separate but Equal, or even SLAVERY.

Just because we have iPhones and tablets doesn’t mean America can’t fall into another Civil War.

The election of President Trump is only ONE sign of the growing hatred and division between Conservatives and Liberals.

There's still a chance to live into the 22nd century. Maybe even beyond.

I was born in may of 2000 but not really I've never really thought about it that way. And even still thinking about it doesnt make me upset bc that's just the way it turned out to be.

I wouldn’t care because the 21st century isn’t a good time to be living in!