What are some discreetly cute and romantic activities that opposite-sex best friends can do together, that aren't too obviously romantic?

I'm a guy, by the way, and my best friend, who's a girl, is also my crush.


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Stop trying to live in that gray area of uncertainty/what might have been. You want romantic without being romantic. That is like saying a person who is seven feet tall is six feet thirteen inches tall. ASK her out. Take her out to dinner and then to some outside activity-like a bike ride -if it is warm where you live. If it isn't warm, maybe dinner and ice skating or a museum or movie. Whatever you decide, you need to ASK her or you might regret not doing so and don't live with that regret. Trust me it stinks! Good luck!


go to the zoo--- go to a wildlife park

go watch a movie together, go to ur fav places u guys like to go to, eat ice cream together, play video games, make orgami, doodle together, read a book together, do things that u both like to do!!!

good luck :D

You can't push while you are pulling. You ask too much to be both romantic and discreet about it. Some kinda left-handed gesture in which you protect yourself so MUCH that you are not clear to the other person is too selfish.


Romantic activities is a relevant point and you need to be more clear with yourself what you want and mean

Get a room and have sex all day

lead up too SEX thats what u want right

Thank you

Ice skate

Skating-ice or roller. Walk in the park. Invite her over and cook dinner for her, watch a movie.