"Both parties Acknowledge and Understand that if the landlord is unavailable to do necessary repairs to the house, then the tenant can find reasonably priced and qualified repairmen to do the work, Then the tenant will email the landlord all the information at which time, the landlord will verify the repairmen to do the work to the house. And as soon as the landlord sends the written agreement to the tenant, the tenant can get the repairmen to do the necessary repairs.And either the tenant can deduct the cost of repairs from the next months rent or the landlord can pay directly the repairmen upon the tenants' written approval of satisfactory work done"

The trouble is that the tenant did not do this, but still falsely claimed the horrible conditions of the property, in order to get money from landlord.Yet, in in court, the judge ruled against the landlord, stating that the landlord could NOT delegate finding repairmen to the tenant.

The landlord knows of no such law, and the judge (in Atlanta) will not answer which law this is.SO … Is this lease legal or not?Details are good.Thanks.