Are more female teachers committing statutory rape these days?

Or is it just that it’s finally being acknowledged?


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Finally being acknowledged.Back a couple generations ago the student sex partners of female teachers were referred to as "lucky bucks" not victims.


It's neither happening more, nor is it being acknowledged.

White people are the most perverted

Where were those teachers when I was in school?

Most certainly. The female race on average rape more than men do.

I think that's a very good question
Think back to your high school I know back in the 70s and the 80s it was going on especially in books and movies it was a fantasy of many young men to be engaged with the teacher as well as many females so I think it goes back a lot further than people would like to admit

however today because of social media the use of the internet and the prevalence of pornography and other sexually explicit material many of the young men and women especially teenagers are now more sexually active and aware than ever before

A 12 13 14 15 year old young man and woman are much more aware sexually then people who we're living back in the fifties and sixties so that makes them of them more socially acceptable in a twisted way

the Bible says that in the last days the morality of people in general will be crooked and get from bad to worse 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 through 5

I hope this helps

The news makes reports of many things more available. However, it does seem that there's an uptick on female teachers sexing up students. These are women who need to get their life straight instead of tainting the life of their students.

The Young Turks reports this a lot.

It’s starting to seem like the norm

parents are being involved with their kids more.asking questions, etc.