Howdoes my cat know what room I am in?

whenever I am in a room (door closed) she always seems to find me and she starts meowing to let her in. How does she know where to find me?



it's a smart cat

My cat does that😂❤️
She’s so cute. But your cat knows you’re in there because she heard you go in there. If you think she isn’t around to hear you close the door, you’re wrong. Cats can hear good, just like really any animal. They can know the sound of each door. Like how each door sounds when it’s opened or closed. Cats are smart.
She also loves attention and wants to be with you.
My cat always wants to come in someone’s room and after being in there for a little bit, then she wants to leave haha she could be in there for five seconds or the whole day.

They have additional senses 6-7-8 and even above.

That's an easy one ... I learned the hard way that my cat can see through walls.
Hope this helps.

She can hear you moving around in the room.Our cats do it all the time.

sounds you make or maybe your smell

Smells you, hears you.

Sense of smell, and a cats ears hear more then ours hear.

Animals have a very good sense of smell and hearing.She can either hear you or she can determine the strongest source of your scent and find you that way.