True or false: You hate Muslims and Islam?


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False. I love Islam, I love my Allah and love those who love Allah. I love my Allah because of His Greatness, His Praiseworthy, His Wisdom, His Truth, His Holy Wise Quran, His Might, His Attributes of Perfection..His Beautiful Names, Asma Al-Husna and I love His Prophets & Messengers. I love His angels.

If people knew Allah better and His Asma Al-Husna, they'd love Allah like no other and would be concerned with Him alone and no one else.All they'd worry about is pleasing Allah and what Allah Azza Wajal thinks about them. The tears of a believer is precious to Allah. Allah loves the believers and sincere people. Allah's love and mercy encompasses all.

No one is more patient than Allah and no one is more loving, kind, merciful, and understanding than Allah. No one is near and close like Allah and there is no lord like Allah. I am content with my Master, my Merciful, Most Kind Lord. Al-Malik alone is sufficient for me and no one else.

Those who hate Allah, who hate His submission.. don't understand Allah. They don't understand the closeness and benefits of being with Allah through worship. Allah has closed their hearts and minds. They're in darkness and ignorance. Their hearts are harder than rocks and will never benefit from His Holy Wise Verses, as well as His Attributes of Perfection. Only Allah can purify and soften their hearts again. Only Allah can guide them. Whomever He chooses to guide.

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False. My Muslimstudents are not monsters.

False. I think Islam is false but I hate no Muslims.

I don't hate anything that seeks the good in people and lets other people"live and let live",
I have not read the Koran nor do i know the religion well enough to judge it but i work with a Muslim man that is a kind and loving family guy.

False and false.

No problem with the muslim because they have beenindoctrinated since birth ..I Hate Islam

False. I don’t hold all Muslim people accountable for a small percentage of idiots.


False, but I do dislike and disagree with many of their beliefs.

Practiced according to Mohammed, Islam is misogynistic and barbaric.I don't approve of it.

The people are another story.I have Muslim friends.

Love the people deceived into islam.

Hate the sick, degenerate, satanic, murderous, pedophilic, evil filth known as islam.