Will Melania Trump ever be loved as much as Michele Obama...even after she leaves office #GRAMMYS?

Crowd Goes Wild As Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Grammys Appearance

Michele Obama Makes Surprise Appearance At 2019 Grammys, The Internet Goes Wild

Twitter goes wild as Michelle Obama shows up at the 2019 Grammys. See what she said



It's not legal to boo black ppl.

Melania Trump is the greatest first lady of all time. She is really hot and even posed nude. What has Michelle Obama ever done?

Well, she is certainly more glamorous and beautiful than MIchelle could ever hope to be.I used to say Michelle looked like MIghty Joe Young in a dress, but someone said that may be construed as racist.So now I just say she looks like Godzilla in a Girdle.

Melania may be a lady, but she is not much of a first lady.She is rarely seen and if she takes part in normal activities of a first lady, then that's undercover too.It appears that she only acts the part of a first lady for some official state events.Otherwise she is apparently just being Barron's mother.Michelle Obama was very active in a number of public causes as first lady (in addition to being a mother). Melania has done less as a first lady than anyone I can recall back to around 1963.

All the idiot was doing was spamming her book!She will never be the LADY that Melania is, never!

Michele is peddling her book, nothing more, and she literally has despised the United States since old enough to hate. That said, Melania is brilliant, kind hearted, and has great respect for the United States, and shows it willingly.

Never.I don't hate Melania and I think she's a beautiful woman, but it is obvious she hates being First Lady.She didn't ask for this and certainly doesn't want it.Michelle Obama is not perfect but has charisma and is involved.

Michelle Obama resembles a man lol. Didn't know she was that respected

nope never TPare a fail