What are dog breeds not for first time owners?



Kangal Shepherd Dog

Dog breeds not to get: bulldog of any sort, basset hound, sharpei, pugs, cocker spaniels and bostons.While these are all great dog breeds, they tend to have lifelong health problems that take money and time and commitment to keep under control.If you don t have a lot of time for walks and potty training, don t start with a puppy - adopt an adult dog who is less energetic and is easier to or already is potty trained.

Good breeds to start with who don t have many health concerns and are low maintenance are poodles, chihuahuas, pomeranians, labs (if you don t get a puppy), shitzhu, rat terriers, scottish terriers, dachshund and schnauzers to name a few.Despite their bad rap, pitbulls are amazing dogs too.

Remember, your pet is family and doesn t belong on a chain outside or in a doghouse for the rest of its life.Not that you would do that, but some people would.If this is your plan it s best not to get a dog at all.

If you are willing to put forth the work, time and love, any breed will work for you.It just takes time and effort like anything else :)

if you look up a breed of dog you like and it says they need lots of mental or physical activity. do not get it. you will end up giving it away.

Rottweilers and strong guarding breeds plus strong working dogs like Malinois & Dutch Shepherds.

However,taking the Rottie as an example as that's what I work with,we have had some in rescue who are about 3 or 4 yrs old and total pussycats and perfect for first time owners to learn the traits of the Rottweiler without having a young pup and getting it wrong. (I call these 'just a dog' )as they are not strong in their Rottweiler traits.

pit bulls.

here are a bunch of sites that came up when I googled your question.It even tells you which breeds are good for first time dog owners.


First time informed owners?I would stay away from dominant or headstrong breeds, in general.

Uneducated first time owners?Any and all breeds.

Any bully type breed.
Any breed used as guard dogs
Any northern or spitz breed

Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds...my favorites but they need an experienced hand