If global warming isn’t really a problem why do so many people act as though it is?


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I notice you used the word problem.A teenage girl with a zit is a problem. There are lots of problems but that doesn't mean we need to drop everything, raise taxes and increase government control of our lives to solve it.Even with all the government intervention you could hope for, that girl will just get another zit.Then what?

To expand on my point, if you asked the teenage girl, she would tell you that her zit was the greatest problem in the history of the world.That doesn't mean it is something I should lose any sleep over and it doesn't justify spending trillions of dollars on solutions that won't work.


Because it is a major problem. If it continues at the present rate many shore cities will be flooded.

Interestingly, you can't get a scientist to commit to global warming being "catastrophic" - as in CAGW.

So that relegates it to the area of interesting scientific facts that will have little affect on our lives. It is the non-scientists like the MSM and Al Gore that have vested interests in claiming CAGW will kill us all. In both cases, follow the money.

They are being encouraged by governments to think like they do. That is one of the main, unstated, reasons for the IPCC Assessment Reports. The part that everyone reports on is written mainly by politicians and not scientists. It is being used just like terrorism.

Terrorism is often perpetrated by your own government as a pretext for introducing anti-terrorism laws. These usually enable restrictions on personal liberty that no-one would pass under normal circumstances.

Climate is the same. We are warned of islands being underwater then they introduce a Carbon Tax, for instance. The advantage of a global tax is that it will need to be administered globally. Coincidentally, they already have the UN and the World Bank just waiting to collect our hard-earned cash to finance ... finance what exactly?

Like all new taxes they try very hard to minimise their effects. Words like minimal, small, temporary and revenue neutral are common. Then, once the foot is in the door, the IPCC will unveil a new crisis, the tax will need to be increased and we will be so scared that we will let them. Thus the constant ratchetting will have begun.

The money will eventually go towards funding the UN as the One World Government it was always designed to be. The EU is just one small step along the way of depriving countries of their sovereignty and democratically elected governments. This is a long term plan.

You are deceived.Aside from government employees and a few "save the world" liberals, nobody cares.Do your research, look at recent polls ofwhat people are most concerned about.

The climate myth the way I've heard it is:"Nothing is going to happen for a long time, so we don't need to do anything now."

liberals spout climate change, because they think its the best way to have massive wealth transfer in the world

Global warming is causing severity in climate, The oceans are warmer, and they have risen. Huge quantities of ice keeps falling into the sea.And IT IS A PROBLEM!

It is inconvenient to our culture of greed and narcissism.

It's a globalist tax scheme. Really that's what it is. If you create a boogeyman and make it big enough, then you create your own "scientists" to back up these "staggering claims" to legitimize your boogeyman. Then, you can shock and awe, short and distort, fearmonger and confuse the people into accepting your "plan" to "fix" this. And that "plan" is usually raising taxes to create "subsidies" that of course the contract will go to your favorite crony.

Environmentalism is just a fashionable mask for the usual leftist obsessions with state control and wealth redistribution. You are either a socialist or a useful idiot if you believe in globull warming.
Lefty Occasional Half Cortex Green New Deal is nothing but a revamped Communist Manifesto.