She makes me soo angry?????

Im a 24 year old guy,i used to have a big crush on this girl Nicole.We began going out and everything was going great between us. But in the end she ended things between us. She told me she had no chemestry with me, 3 days after we broke up it was her birthday Soo i bought her flowers, she told my bestfriend that im a creep.This girl alsohas a 4 year old son, she told me that my life isn't stabbled to be a role model for her kid. She was in college to be a nurse, I found out today that she is dating a new guy,and she even dropped out of college to be with this guy.This guy has no job, NOTHING.It makes me angry how she tells me my life isn't stabbled but atleast i have 2 jobs.This situation makes me sooooo angry,can i please have some advice??????



STOP stalking her!

You should make sure to remind her how much of a retard she is before moving past this and dropping it. Billions of people out there. Go find your true significant other.

You should talk to her and let her know how this makes you feel. And if she can t accept what a wonderful person you are then she doesn t deserve you.

Slap her!

Look, you can not show her you are angry because those are emotions.Women show emotions it is a feminem quality. About the chemistry issue, you need to be more sexual with her and send her naughty text.I got ghosted by some girl I was dating, she told me there was no chemistry.I kept trying and contacted her atleast once a week. Not every day. I showed that I was angry then I did research, read some books about dating then I hid my anger . She ignored my text and call sometimes and one day I just said some naughty things in text. Then she finally seemed enthusiastic and asked when are we going to hang out and when I'm going to make time for her. Women want a playful naughty man. If you dont act like that they will percieve you as boring and if you get emotional they will percieve you as weak. No woman wants a weak, emotional, boring man. You need to text her something dirty regardless if she has another man I guarantee she will sound enthusiastic. I speak from recent experience .

Move on, don't look back you have earned good KARMA, she will get hers - might be his trying to use past tense "stabbled" LOL

Move on. You're not a kid anymore. Stop sending her ANYTHING.

Knock the chip off your shoulder and MOVE ON.Did you expect she would not find another gullible person to move on with?

Why did you waste good money on flowers for someone who has told you she is not interested?It is not your business anymore if she is dating Godzilla!