How do i stop my co-worker talking about her cat?


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Oh Lord, you just gave me flash backs about a former co-worker who talked about her son, constantly.
She would go on and on and on.Well, when one first has a baby, of course it is a miracle of life and amazingly awesome.I know, I have had two children myself.But, this woman would not stop talking about her child.One day, a customer who was subjected to the incessant chitter chatter of this employee's child, asked how old her baby was.........he was 12 years old!!!Too funny.

Anyway, all of us were fed up to here with her non stop stories about her son. We all decided to say "Oh, my (son, cousin's child, nephew, grandson, little brother...) did that all the time!!ALL of us employees gave her the same response.Soon enough, in her own mind, she realized her child was not all that special and she stopped talking about him.Ahhhh, peace at last.

So, if your other co workers join you in a little reverse psychology, you may be able to get this co worker to stop talking about her cat as if it had the sun shining out of it's behind. Gawd, that is sooo annoying.


You can't. Just change the subject when he does that.

She probably loves her cat
Leave her alone and let her love her cat

Employers hire employees to WORK - NOT socialize with others.Just ignore her and focus on the job you were hired to do.

Why bother? You do not have to listen.

Sorry but if you work with someone and they want to talk about anything then you have to put up with it. Doesn't mean you have to listen if you are not interested

I don't know what job you do but sometimes my colleagues talk about things that I have no interest in so I just ignore them and get on with what I have to do.

If there are only the two of you be polite because you are going to have to work with her but say you hate cats so don't want to hear any more about it, and remind her you both have a job to do.

steal her cat. and hide it with you for 48 hours When she asked you "Where's my Cat I can't find it" tell her to stop talking about her cat and give the cat to her then she'll stop.

Just ask her politely that you are not interested in hearing about her cat.

just tell her you got work to do and cant talk nnuch right now

Tell her you love grilled cat.