I’m a new cat mom and need advice!?

So about two weeks ago I adopted a kitten that is male and 7 months old. He doesn’t like his bed. No matter what he won’t sleep in it. He’ll sleep on the couch or he’ll even desperately beg to sleep in my bed. I don’t want him sleeping on my bed and I don’t know how to train him to stop going up there. I usually don’t mind it but my boyfriend is allergic to cat dander so that’s why we try to keep far away from the bed as much as possible. I don’t know how to train him to go lay in his own bed. I tried luring him with putting his toys in there. Even with treats. And he won’t budge. Any and all advice would be helpful!



The only way to keep him off your bed and out of the bedroom is to keep the bedroom door closed at all times.Make sure you have a soft blanket on the chair or couch for your cat to curl up in.

Why did you buy a cat when your bf is allergic to cat dander?Cats choose where they want to sleep.Put a towel down where you want him to lie, on the sofa or where ever it is.But don't expect him to take to it.The cat will lie down where "he" wants to and cats generally sleep with their owners. Perhaps, you should re-home this cat and get either a Sphynx or a Cornish Rex.Otherwise, you are looking to have a lifelong fight with your bf over the dander.

Why did you bring a cat into a home with someone who is allergic to the cat?That really wasn't fair to the cat or the BF. Unless you keep your bedroom door closed all the time, the cat will go in and be on the bed.

Oh my god.Take this kitten back.What horrible shelter volunteer approved someone like you to adopt?You're a control freak and CLEARLY not someone who would ever treat this cat like family.I pity this poor kitten having to live with you the last two weeks!TAKE IT BACK!!!!

I know this isn't what you want to hear, BUT, with the demands and restrictions you want, a cat is NOT a good pet for you. In the long run, the cat and the boyfriend are not compatible, period! Rehome it and don't consider another animal unless you have a boyfriend who does not have animal allergies.

You cannot train a cat to sleep in a certain place. The best you can do is provide sleeping areas that are very appealing, and notice I made that areas, plural. Every cat I've ever had chooses where it wants to sleep. Sometimes that's the top of the clothes dryer, sometimes it's under the bed, sometimes it's where I've put a cat sleeping area, or the laundry basket, the ironing board, or inside a closet. And no cat has consistently chosen the same spot all the time. They like to move around.I think it has to do with an animal instinct not to leave its scent where a predator can find it.

If you don't want him in the bedroom, close the door. Or put him in a crate for the night, which I don't recommend but maybe it's the best you can do.

If you want to make an area attractive to the cat, make it warm, possibly inside a cardboard box, and cats like fuzzy things and wool. My cat is sleeping on an old bathrobe of mine right now. Old wool sweaters, ones you've worn, can work very well.

You're going to have to shut your bedroom door. And it's the classic cat conundrum- buy something specifically for the cat, they won't touch it. Buy something for yourself or care about the cat laying on it, it's theirs. I never bother with cat beds. They have blankets, boxes, and sometimes, a dirty sweatshirt that the bigger one has pulled out of my laundry hamper to sleep on. I accept it.

Try getting a cat tree if you don't already have one, or seriously, just boxes with some old blankets on it. My cats are allowed in bed with me, but they also sleep on the couch with a blanket draped over them, their scratcher, the tree, the recliner, and under our table on the cushy chairs. You cannot force a cat to sleep in their bed. They either like them or hate them, or sometimes they will like and hate them all in one week.

Also, if you cannot break him of this and don't want your door shut, switch up your blankets and dust and vacuum daily.

Cats do not like cat beds, just shut the bedroom door, or get a new boyfriend, and i hope your cat is neutered.

shut your bed room door.