Why do sex workers deserve rights?

I just don t understand. If you re choosing to do the most dirty, unwanted and devaluing work, then fine go ahead, but why does the rest of the world have to respect you and take care of you for it?



Remind us again of the protections that exist for sex workers (except in places where prostitution is legal and regulated). Illegal sex workers are in the most vulnerable occupational sector that exists, this is why they're usually every serial killer's first choice.

Everyone deserves a safe working life, regardless what they choose or are forced to do.Just because sex workers do a 'dirty job', ie having to have sex with multiple people who are taking advantage of their desperate situation.

They aren't 'unwanted', by their customers, generally men, who for some reason want or need sex with strangers.I have no idea why Prostitution hasn't been legalised yet and 'Sex houses' set up with Security Staff, protecting the women from the customers, who may get violent.

There work places should be within the Business Section of every City and nowhere near a Residential Area.

there's about 6 million adult men in my country.

Several hundred thousand of them regularly make use of prostitutes. Apparently, there's plenty of demand for what prostitutes offer. Why would they not have rights like other workers/citizens/humans?

Everyone deserves rights.That doesn't mean illegal activities should be ignored however.

> Why do sex workers deserve rights?

Because they are citizens of their countries.Their votes should be counted as much as any other citizen's vote.

I don't knock their hustle nor will I use their services.

Escorts are actually more honest and upfront than most women who aren't escorts.

Who in the hell are you to judge what is dirty and unwanted? If it was unwanted they would make no money doing it. Who wants to work in a boring factory for minimum wage putting one widget in another widget for 8 hours? People do what they have to do to survive. Judge as ye shall be judged.

What are they like trying to form a union and get pension benefits or something?

Where do you live where people are taking care of sex workers? Where I live they go to jail.