My neighbours intimidate us and mock us. What do we do?

My neighbours are very antisocial towards us, mean and loud/wild to say the least. I always keep to myself here because people drink and do drugs on a daily basis, and I’m quiet, but they always gossip about myself and my family all the time to other neighbours. What would you do about it?



Ignore them...look to move eventually.

I would act like an adult and ignore them, troll.

Ignore them, leave them alone.People gossip all the time, nobody particularly believes them or cares.


Stop being so nosy.Minding "their" business is how you know how they feel about you.If you didn't know, you wouldn't care.

i would turn thenn in for drugs, its one way to get rid of thenn

You have two questions and one answer, which is to move.They are minding THEIR own business.As long as they don't assault you or damage your property they can pretty much do as they please.You can not legally be the personality police and the cops would just tell you that.You can call in for the late night noise but they will likely retaliate. In short, it is their Constitutional right to be assholes.All of the law, the police, everything, will give you the same advice because you have that choice - move.

You can't stop people talking about you.Grow a thicker skin or find another place to live.

Move out of the projects ghetto life is terrible.