I need to move a heavy air compressor down my driveway across the yard to a shed I built, has anyone done this before I don’t have much help?


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Can you put it on a skid (pallet), and use pieces of pipe as rollers?


Yes, I have moved heavy air compressors many times. They often have wheels attached or you can add temporary wheels, or use a dolly/hand-truck as temporary wheels, making it substantially less work.

It's impossible to judge how much weight you are talking about because heavy compressors can get really heavy. Off hand I would use a dolly and get creative with levers and blocks to get it up on the dolly. It is an excellent opportunity to screw up your back so be careful and get at least one guy to help who is younger than me!

If there is no other way and no one to help, there should only be 4 bolts, a belt and an air line holding the compressor to the tank. If you remove the compressor, it should be easy enough to roll the tank to the shed and then carry the compressor head to reassemble it where you want it without damaging anything.

Move it little by little.

this is what a wheelbarrow or two wheel dolly is for.you may have to provide a runway of planks or partial plywood sheets to get across the yard, but it'll probably go just fine without it.Bet one of your neighbors has the dolly

Use a car engine hoist and planks of wood if the driveway is uneven.

how heavy , without that info it's impossible to suggest a solution 3-400 lbs get a trolley and some friends half a ton or morerent a mobile lift or crane

Some type of boards can be used to create a temporary path that is easier to move it across than the lawn.

Rent a hand truck or buy one for the price of the rental fee. Harbor Freight has a 700 lb. carry capacity hand truck for $40.you can get a 20% off coupon out of the sunday paper or down load it onto a smart phone from the Harbor Freight web site,which will bring the cost down to $32.