Why do people think the allies were the good guys even though more axis civilians were killed?



It's about the ideologies that were supported. The Axis aligned their selves with the promoters of the holocaust. Holocaust was bad. Ergo, Axis = Bad

Also, the Japanese started to attack other countries to expand their rule. Expansion through conquest = bad. Ergo, Axis = Bad.

The Allies aligned with Communists who later committed huge atrocities to their own people. Ergo, Allies = Bad

There are arguments to make on all sides.

That man laying down some rail.
People at that time spent plenty of time evaluating the viewpoint of the enemy and found it lacking. They were quite funky.

I know! Tell me about it! 8 million Germans died, and they were all good people. Hitler was a vegetarian who loved animals! Those damn Allied murderers!

Technically, more Allied civilians were killed, because Russia (Soviet Union) was an Allied member and Russia alone lost more civilians - estimated to be as high as 27 million - than civilians of all Axis countries combined. That doesn'r count all of the other Allied civilian losses.

Because History is written by the victors.

No doubt.If they allies lost, Harry Truman and Bomber Command would have been on trial and sentenced to death.

allies wrote the postwar history

Because they’re us. The fact that more civilian citizens of axis nations were killed, if true would be of no relevance.

In war, the victors always get to write the history of it.

There were good and bad people on both sides.Hitler was a monster that needed to be stopped.But then again so was Stalin...

They started it, all we did was finish it.