I found a lost puppy on the street with no tags, what can I do?

There is no name, phone number or address.I took the dog home, gave her a bath, fed her and went back to where I picked her up and waited for 1 hr.. nobody showed up.Should I call the police?Will they put her in a shelter?I'd rather keep her at my house and wait until somebody puts up a lost dog sign, then contact them.Is this okay?Please help.



Capture and contain it with care. If you see a stray cat or dog, try to capture and contain the animal if circumstances permit.
Call the authorities.
Check for ID.
Get the pet scanned for a microchip.
Take pets with no ID to an animal shelter. ...
Post fliers.

Call the shelter and tell them, and ask what the reporting a lost dog process is where you live ( it is different in different places) that way you can call all those places to report a found pup...where I live that would include shelter, animal control officer, police, local housing kennels

Have you had him checked for a microchip? He really should be taken to your local Shelter which is where anybody with a missing dog wouldl usually be checking regularly. If you 'd like to keep the dog should nobody come forward to claim him, then let the Shelter people know so you can be considered if necessary. Just keeping a stray is theft.

ps You might check the notice boards in your local vets - people often leave a missing poster there.

Contact your local shelter and ask about the legal requirements to fostering a found dog.The dog is considered lost property and there are laws about what the finder must do before being allowed to call "keepers".

homeless shelter

Keep it and put out fliers for a list puppy. Don’t give out too much info because someone can claim to be the owner and then sell the puppy.

I would just say, lost puppy found. When someone claims to have lost it, ask for the description of the dog or breed.

If the puppy has been registered it will be microchipped. Take it to the RSPCA or equivalent and have it checked. A vet can do it for you too.

i'd say take her to the vet to see if they've got a chip. if that doesn't work i'd keep her for safety and put posters up in the area saying that if it's your dog then to call this number with your number on it. you should find a feature about the dog though that only the owner would know and don't show it in the poster picture so not anyone can just call up and be like "hey that's my dog". that's the best thing I can think of. even then it can be risky though since someone could take a lucky guess and get it right.

You should notify neighbors to see if it's from someone :)

or call animal control