Explain to me why Trump just can't order the military to build the wall?

You do know he is the Commander in Chief


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Put the Welfare folks to work.


We aren’t under a military threat. It would set a terrible precedent whereby the President could just bypass Congress whenever (s)he feels like it by manufacturing a “crisis.”

Why does n't he order them to rebuild the infrastructure?

I can think of much better uses for our nation's military.

The military is not the president's personal construction contractor at his disposal to build whatever boondoggle he thinks will hep him get re-elected.

you do know that there is no war or declared military action and that there are rules and regulations affecting the deployment and use of military personnel

That action would result in a legal battle but to be honest, I'm not certain which side would win. Democrats don't care who wins, they just want to prevent any solution to the problem and delay is good enough for them. The Demon-rats do NOT care about American Citizens or National Security. (Or any of the other Constitutionally guaranteed Rights of Citizens for that matter.)

He could.

How can they afford it? They ONLY have a $719 billion budget this year!!

He can he is the CIC. Just have the ACOE build it.