Poll: Do you need friends to be happy?

Or do you have friends at all?



I have never been without close friendships or my tight knit family, so it is not easy for me to imagine having no friends.However, I can honestly state that I am happy with myself so therefore, I can answer "NO, I do not need friends to be happy".

Not really i like animals more

No. You need money to be happy.

No, I do not have friends.

i'm happy without them

I have genuine friends, but don't need them to be happy.

No and no

You do not need friends to be happy.Happiness is a choice, a state ofmind.

I do have friends, some I have had for 2-3 decades.One of my good friends died a year ago from ovarian cancer.I miss her.


Only if they're good and genuine friends. Ive had a ton of friends in the past who have let me down or who are only there when the going is good. I would now rather spend time with family or alone rather than socialise with fakes.