Washing machines reviews make me think there are no good washing machines out there, are there?



FIRST, find a local appliance repair shop and ask them which brand they repair the least and the most.LISTEN to them.

I like top loader washing machines because my friends all complain about mildew smells with those air tight front loaders.Besides which, I am one of those people who add things to the wash cycle mid way (less soiled or more delicate fabrics), so I want control of when I open my machine lid.

I think the machine with the less technology is the best machine because there is less to go wrong and even then, the expensive repairs on computer boards cost half the cost of the machine itself!!

I thought I did my research when I bought my GE Harmony washer and dryer.It was not long before the mother boards on both of them stopped working correctly, right after the warrantee expired, no less.I am upset that I spent TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on the pair and have to trick the machine to work by manipulating the cycle buttons to do what I want them to do.It is maddening.But, I will say, the clothes do get clean and dry even though the mother boards are out of whack.A new mother board is $300 and another couple hundred to install on just one machine...that is half of what I paid for the whole machine.

I lie to my machine and press the "blanket" setting when I want more water in the load.That is the ONLY thing I like about my GE HARMONY washer. But, even to get that setting, I have to push the keypad below the actual setting I want because the computer board is not touch pad accurate.So frustrating!!

There is no integrity in merchandise or their manufacturers these days.I am fed up with being ripped off on so man of my retail purchases.

I use old school top loading washers.

Esp...Whirlpool, Stabler and Maytag.

I dislike front loading regardless of how much water they may save.

They have all kinds of issues with pooling water, mold/mildew and smells.

My machines are 18+ years old, made in the US and I have a friend who repairs appliances so I have a trustworthy repair guy.

Find a local tech who's affordable and reliable......better way to go than having any big box store and their unqualifed staff.

After years of using Kenmore, we purchased a Whirlpool from Lowes and it has served it's purpose.I prefer heavy duty washers that are top loaders.

I am liking my Indesit model, cheap as chips but does the job and been going for years. Wouldn't pay over the odds for a fancy brand name when most are made in the same factory.

I always purchase old school washers when I am in the market for a new one. Anything that has digital garbage on it will most likely fail much faster! So I buy the kind that still have a regular dial timer on it. They certainly last longer!
The same with coffee makers. Any digital coffee maker will fail within the first year of use! Mostly from spilling water onto the digital display! POOF!

Check out Speed Queen. When I bought mine a few years ago, it was difficult to find a single bad review. At the time, they still had analog controls.I don't know if the move to digital controls has affected their reliability. Speed Queen makes most of the commercial washers you see in laundromats and they build that same durability into their residential models. They have the best warranty in the industry, and are designed to last 25 yrs. Speed Queen costs more and doesn't have a lot of fancy features but they get the job done. and are built to last longer than most other washers. BTW, they're still made in the USA.

They are all good.People just expect them to last forever and expect clothes to be folded neat and clean when they come out of the washer.


Your best bet is finding one that is NOT the HE type washer. I hate mine. Even when the HE washer isn’t full of clothes, the top clothes don’t even get wet.Yeah save water in one load but waste water having to rewash clothes,makes a lot of sense.