My cat has been bleeding in her pee..and straining to pee.....she has had blood clots and in the blood is weird looking things please help?



Please Help???None of us can help your cat. Get her to a Vet ASAP.


Emergency vet NOW.Do not delay - she is blocking and could die if she can't pee.This is an emergency if you want her to live.NO EXCUSES.Get her in there immediately.

If she survives and lives, take her off ALL dry food - feed her only quality canned food and NO fish based foods.

Take it to the vet for G*d's sake!

Get her to a vet NOW! She probably is really old and has an urinary tract infection, and if thats true then your cat may lose a lot of weight and have less appetite. It probably also means that your cat has had the infection for a long time. Some other signs of urinary tract disease is increased thirst, more frequency of urination and straining to urinate.
It could also mean that your cat has mineral crystals in their urine (calcium oxalate or struvite),which can lead to stones, but for females and sometimes males not urethral blockage,these stones can cause bloody urine,and if blocking a ureter,loss of the kidneys "upstream" can occur. Fortunately ureteral stones are rare. You may need to get the cat surgery if this is true.

The most frustratingly common thing that causes blood in the urine is called "Interstital Crystitis". It has blood tinged urine,increased frequency of urination and straining to urinate. You can manage it by diet modifications and increasing canned foods for the source of hydration.

Vet time NOW.

Sounds like crystals in her bladder.They are sometimes called struvites.She needs urgent veterinary help, but as you are posting on here, I'm guessing you are one of the moronic pet owners on here who ALWAYS have excuses as to why they can't take them.. the vet is closed, the vet is a thousand miles away etc.The real reason is they don't want to spend the money.Your cat will be in REAL pain, and needs help TODAY.

Ever hear of a Vet. Get her there before she dies. Please tell me you are smarter then your question. My pet does this, the LAST place you will see me is on YA asking a question for help.

Go to thedocttorr this could be life threate