Do you think children should strike over climate change?

Do you think this is a good idea


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I think that they need to do something but a strike wouldn't do much because they don't have much leverage over anyone.Adults these days aren't acting very much like adults in the sense that they are consuming too much of the world's resources too quickly and leaving the planet heavily polluted for coming generations.It isn't fair or wise.


Yes.Also, what about KONY 2019?

I feel sorry for them being indoctrinated into fake science.

They won't have to. They can vote when they are adults and their generation is much more concerned than older voters. Political parties will have to step up ...

In an ideal world, adults should behave like adults, rather than like children.The U.S. has the equivalent of a toddler-in-chief, he acts very much like a 2 year old and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Most of the conservatives in the country refuse to confront with reality--they are so in love with their beautiful rhetoric that when it doesn't match the real world, they stay with the rhetoric anyway.

There is more one conservative in here--even one that has a degree in geology--that pretend that the planet hasn't warmed in 20 years, despite massive evidence to the contrary, and no evidence at all to support his claim. Unfortunately, there is no rational argument that will work with such an irrational person.I'm not sure if children could organize enough to lead an effective protest, but I think that if conservatives in this country keep ignoring the problems in front of their faces they may end up with something much worse than a strike by children.

No! It’s too slow of an actual event.

Yeah, they should refuse to text, refuse to go to play video games, and refuse to post anything on Facebook.That will show everyone they mean business.

Children don't work so no striking for them.

Strike how? Refuse to...what? Eat? What can children stop doing that their parents couldn't make them do again?

If you want to trust 10 year olds on informing your politics, go right ahead