Is a 600 credit score good?




If your credit score is 600, things could be worse. After all, scores start at 300.
But things could also be a lot better. Scores lower than 630 are considered poor, so you might be denied for credit cards and loans or pay high interest rates for the ones you do receive. A low credit score signals to lenders that you’re more likely to default on your debts.



not really 7-800 is the range you wanna be lookin at

Not good enough for getting credit cards, car loans, or home mortgages. Maybe not good enough for some apartment rentals, jobs, or car insurance.

It is "Fair".Above 700 is "Good".If you're just starting out, then 600 is reasonable.


No. Good would be 700 or above.

Good for what? Nor real bad but not good either.