What, in your opinion, is an unforgivable crime?


Best Answer

even rapists and murderersbeat the crap out of pedophiles in prison-

That tells you something.


Premeditated murder.


Child Molestation.

Not necessarily in that order.

hurting babies in any way shape or form is unforgivable, beating women, and animals. Any kind of torture or mutilation to any person or living thing is completely unacceptable and shouldn't be forgiven either.

Intentional murder.any crime where the innocent are the victims.

Any crime where children are the victims.

Paedophiles. They deserve a slow burning at the stake.

Genocide/being a brutal leader that ruins an entire countries lives

If someone murders their parent. (Which includes their grandparent, their great grandparent, etc).

Your parent gave you life. How dare you take theirs. Life is sacred.

Children or animal abuse


When you forget to pay your taxes