How to write a fantasy story about pirates? I need tips......?



Could you provide an update about whether this is about modern day or olden day pirates?Read about Blackbeard or watch movies about pirates for inspiration.

Do some research about pirates. Think about what part of the world they will live in.
Moro pirates, buccanneers, vikings were all different. More important, outline a plot. Imagine some interesting characters, perhaps based on people you know.

Ah, but to do that you would have to be a pirate yourself!The best tip is, A pirate always accepts dares.

Well, I suppose it might help if you realized Pirates NEVER spoke in "Pirateze". There's no such thing as a Pirate language. They also dressed as any other merchant sailor. Only a handful of pirates flew their own flag, and then mostly to ward off other pirates. The treasure of one pirate named Oliver Lavasseur has never been found.

I think do a lot of research about pirates, and the actual history of pirates, sure, you can write something stereotypical children's pirates, but I think it would be better to include some research and create a somewhat accurate representation. but for the story itself, there are not enough details in the question for people to give you more advice, that is something you need to create yourself.

Why pirates? what type of story are you trying to tell? Does it need to be pirates to tell the story?

First figure these things out. Then start writing. If the high seas is the best place for the plot to unfurl, then let it be. If it could be done in an office building (or other non-pirate setting), then the pirates don't matter.

On pirates or fantasy?

Pirates were historically the robbers on the seas, like highwaymen were on the roads.If you write an historical novel about pirates or privateers (Those had their ruler's permission to rob enemy ships), then read about them and the pirate life and work up your story from the facts and your imagination. (Pirates' buried treasure.Pirate captains and damsels disressed by them. Those tropes.)

The type of fantasy you add is your invention.Sea creatures.Sailing through space instead of water.Time travel.Captain Harry the Eight-Armed or Erik the Sea-Werewolf. Whatever rocks your boat, as long as you can make it seem believable.

Try not to romanticize them too much, watch the original "Pirates of the Caribbean", make your "good" guys new to the world of pirates, since most pirates were just violent criminals and not all that relatable. (I'm assuming you mean pirates, not Privateers or Buccaneers, yes they are all very different things). Dont treat the readers like literal morons, dont take 9 pages to describe a room, etc...

You could do the trope of hidden treasure, or do something more original like the early days of salvaging shipwrecks, even a day to day style like a journal of a Buccaneer raiding merchant ships from row boats as they try to enter port (literally what Buccaneers did). Maybe a story of a Privateer who was so successful that when the war ended his country decided to turn him over for execution,only for him to escape (literally 99.99999999% of pirates were and still are male, they arent a PC bunch and you'd do well to remember that).