How often to feed a ten month old kitten?

My kitten is about ten months old. I'm going out of town for 4 days or so. Would it be alright to have a cat sitter come in once a day for a feeding?



you should have someone come in once a day just because you will be gone for so long.Cats don't like being abandoned that way and four days is fairly long.Might be ok with some other cats in the house with them, but not totally alone, not the first time.

Cats aren't dogs that will gobble up every last morsel as soon as you put it out.You can put enough food and water out for the time you will be gone (with some excess just in case) and the cat should be fine.I've been doing this for years, and 2-3 days is not a major problem.Longer, and I like to have someone stop by and play or just be around the cat or cats.Make sure everything is ok.

The cats always know when I will be away because they see my pack or bag, and see that I put out extra food.They are used to it.Been a long time since I only had one kitten that had never seen me go away before, though.They tell each other somehow when you have more than one cat.The behavior of the cats that have been through it before somehow calms the one that is only seeing it for the first time.

It's a cat, not a dog.Cats nibble several times a day.You should have food down for it ALL day long, and a bowl of fresh water.Have the person check on the cat once a day, and make sure its water bowl is cleaned & freshened and more fresh food put down.You should also give it an extra cat litter box.A minimum of two boxes for four days away.

Twice a day

Can you leave kibble out all the time?Then having a responsible person come in once a day to add wet food and make sure the cat is okay should be fine.

Technically when their 6-12 months they're considered a cat not a kitten.
Look for food with high protein and look for foods with essential amino acids such as taurine and arginine. NEVER feed a cat a vegetarian diet, he can't get protein off of that.
You can feed them wet food or dry food, because there's no real difference to either.
You should feed a cat this old twice a day.

No, at least twice, they need a morning andevening meal.

Ideally someone should come in twice a day.
At this age, he is also super hyperactive and might be a bit destructive if he doesn't have someone to play with him.
I would have somebody come over in the morning just to feed him and give fresh water, then in the evening come back again to feed, top off water, and play.This playing is the important thing, it will get all of his extra energy out and help him sleep through the night.

You should make sure kittens have plenty of care. Maybe leave it with a relative.

Probably yes, but I depends of how often do you feed your cat usually. The best idea is to make a routine as similar as posible to the cat sitter one (I mean, same number of meals and at the same hour) so the cat did not notice so much the change. Hope to be usefull.