Very offensive Boyfriend?

I need help my bf is in a tough living situation he makes $9 at a clothing store he only works part time and he also livesin a basementthat is terrible and run down with rats and bugsbut thehuge problem is I have with him is that he blames everybody for his living situation he claims he doesn’t have food at his house so he is always at my house eating and sleeping. he constantly blames his mom for the way his life is and everytime I bring up and ask him what steps is going to take to make his life better? he gets very defensive and saids he doesn’t want to talk about things like that. its as if he doesn’t want to ownership of his life for the way it is everytime I bring up him taking actions he gets mad 😡 or yells. what can I do to get him to see its his fault that his life is the way that it is????🙄🙄🙄



Tell him get another job or leave him.

I don't think it's his fault. The fault lies on the parent that raised him. Maybe he doesn't know where to start he sounds like he didn't have anyone to guide him.

You can bluntly say something along these lines: "Yes, I agree with you! Your life is in the dumps right now, and you know what? That's f**king Awesome! You finally have the opportunity to Learn from this and make it better. So start crawling and make improvements NOW! Make a to-do-list of the things you want to work at. Go"
Tell him you're rooting for him and support him 100% but if he doesn't start trying you can't do it anymore! And he's going to feel stupid when he realizes he's the only one in his way. He's taking your support for granted.

i wouldnt go out with a boyfriend that was offensive like that all the tinne

He sounds immature, hasn't figured out that he needs to stop blaming others, make a plan for his life and set goals to go after (and then do it). I hate to say it, but you seem to be enabling him somewhat by giving him food and a nicer place to sleep. I think the best thing you could do for him would be to break up with him, because it might force him to re-evaluate what he's been doing and make some positive changes with his life.

It's a waste of time trying to convince him that it's his fault.

You got 3 options.

1. Continue to be his girlfriend.
2. Find a new boyfriend.
3. Be single.

I am single by the way, and I don't live in a basement with rats, and bugs. I am working on different projects, so I have something to look forward to.

Unless he is willing to accept it for himself then you can't.

Tell him to buck up his ideas and sort himself out or you are gone. If he doesn't then dump him and go.

Next time he complains, say I don't want to hear this broken record again. Improve your life situation or stop complaining about it. One or the other.

and you chose him as a boyfriend, why?