I need help my bf is in a tough living situation he makes $9 at a clothing store he only works part time and he also livesin a basementthat is terrible and run down with rats and bugsbut thehuge problem is I have with him is that he blames everybody for his living situation he claims he doesn’t have food at his house so he is always at my house eating and sleeping. he constantly blames his mom for the way his life is and everytime I bring up and ask him what steps is going to take to make his life better? he gets very defensive and saids he doesn’t want to talk about things like that. its as if he doesn’t want to ownership of his life for the way it is everytime I bring up him taking actions he gets mad 😡 or yells. what can I do to get him to see its his fault that his life is the way that it is????🙄🙄🙄