Why are feminists against gender equality...?



Most femnists are actually trying to GET Gender equality.That is why they protest and make a noise.

not so.

they are cry babies

Why is the KKK against racial equality?

Because having gender superiority over men is better for them than having a level playing field.

They are naturally inferior so need superior treatment from the law to feel equal. Women cannot handle equal treatment or equal responsibility they are just pathetic moaners who will always want more and more.

Radical feminists believe their rights should be at the expense of males, of course they don’t care about predatory autogynephiles violating their rights cuz they know it’s predatory autogynephiles committing social suicide by giving themselves away like that. So they attack smarter males who know how to not act like a freak by signing rules where us males cannot get away with negative behaviors while females can get away with negative behaviors, including homicide against males and often exploiting those rules because they know the rules benefit them.

Feminists are against gender equality because they've achieved that and for decades now have been focusing on gaining laws and creating agencies that favor females and focus on females.Wanting to focus on and favor females over males directly opposes the idea of gender equality.

Feminists managed to get women added to affirmative action, even though women are not a minority.Feminists fought for and won WEEA which encourages education to focus on girls.Feminists fought for and won women owned business advantages.Feminists won a council for women and girls while the same for men and boys is blocked, same with a department of women's health.Feminists fought for and won VAWA which discriminates against males in various ways.Feminists have actively opposed an equal presumption of joint custody.

These advantages and more simply are not consistent with gender equality.

Feminist are not against gender equality. However they are against the way many people measure gender equality. Equality for some people is simply giving women the same rights and opportunities as men. For feminists that isn't enough. Feminists require that the end results show it actually works, equally.