So he’s been very busy with college and I have not been the best girlfriend. I can’tlie I have gotten really badly into smoking weed. we used to smoke all the time in the summer he used to be a huge pothead but as he’s gotten into college he really hasn’t been smoking much. He just kind of does homework all week and then the weekend he might drink a bit. But I smoke every day. I have been smoking with my deelers lately one of which used to be friends with my boyfriend and said something right before me and my boyfriend started dating about how he wanted to have sex with me. My boyfriend asked me not to hangout with him but I did because if I smoked with him he gave me free weed. My boyfriend got really mad and asked me not to anymore. But last night I was bored and I went to the dealers house and i lied and told my boyfriend I was at home but he knew I was lying because he showed up to surprise me with flowers... he went off on me called me fake and said that I don’t respect him and that we’re done