Are liberals jealous of Donald Trump's enormous IQ?



LOL he has no IQ.More like an enormous ego and an enormous toddler personality.

No. I'm sure people like Trump & Bush fake theirIQ numbers. Anyway, IQ isn't intelligence.

The only thing enormous about Trump is his ego.Full stop.

Don't mistake IQ for ego

It is likely barely above average."nobody knew healthcare would be this complicated" is not a statement someone with a high IQ would say.Along with other gems it appears the man is about average.

You misspelled "Miniscule". But that's okay. As a Trump supporter, I understand you're not smart enough to know better.

Unless you mean the enormous size of his Khakis when he plays golf, I don't believe anyone is jealous. I think the person that tested his IQ is the same person that gave him the diagnosis of bone spurs so he could dodge the draft.

Donald Trump can barely SPELL IQ.

Is that what Stormy said?