My parents won’t let my dog on the couch:(?

My parents won’t let my dog on the couch... any ideas on how to convince them? She is 9 years old right now, and they always let her on the couch, but then when she was like 5, they stopped.I told them I would wash her weekly, and I even offered to buy a cover for our couch, so she wouldn’t be on the actual couch. They still say no. I know it’s unlikely that they will ever let her up on the couch, but any suggestions?



Ask your parents why they stopped allowing your dog up on the couch. I would add it is confusing for the dog.

buy them a good chouch/ seat cover for their couch. keep the receipt in case they still say no

Just let him on the couch when they ain't around

Am I the only one here who has parents who ALWAYS let our dogs on the couch??? They don't act all "high and mighty"afterward, they just lay there to be with their owners.

Anyway, you could try asking your parents why they don't let the dogs on the couch. (And if they say, "because we said so", that's not a good reason because it doesn't answer your question fully)

When a dog is old (more than seven years)their bones suffer. Any vet will tell that a couch or a big confy dog bed is really necesary for her. It can be a really good argument and it's true.
Other argument is about dog's benefits on people stress. There are several studies that shows that share bed or couch with a dog can decrease stress efects and also heart atack probabilities.
On the other hand, wash her weekly is not good for most dogs. Instead you can brush her dayly and wash her once a month. Her hair will be stronger and fall less.
Hope you find this useful. (Excuse my grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm not an English speaker)

If it bothers you why not move to your own rent and let the dog ruin your furniture?If you are living with parents they make the rules.

No, I don't have any suggestions. There are a number of excellent reasons why it's better not to let dogs on couches.

No dog should be bathed any more often than once every 4 to 6 weeks.Bathing too often will dry up the skin & coat, leaving the skin flaky & itchy.You are washing away all the natural body oils that need to spread all over the body for health skin & coat.

My dogs are not allowed on furniture, they got nice beds to lay on & rugs.I used to have a Dane that thought he needed to be on furniture.I stopped that but he still would back up & sit on your lap.Then turn around & look at you as if asking , what are you going to do now?

No.The dog doesnt need to be on the couch.Theres plenty of reasons for a dog to stay off the couch.