Are you calamity howlers ready to concede that the maldives are not under water as predicted?

The most insane answer here has to be by 'Jim': " The sea level is rising faster than predicted, so obviously, no one is surprised that the Malfives are not yet under water."

The prediction was that the Maldives would be under water by 2018. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! If 'Jim' knew anything about logic or science e would understand that if his statement was true the Maldives would be under water already. DUH! As JimZ says, "Double down on dumb." Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha!


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Not only are they not ready to admit, they seem to double down on dumb.Even as they redraw their lines in the sand, they repeat the same old tired predictions that were shown to be wrong.You aren t supposed to judge them on their record.You are supposed to judge them on by their belief and because they are saving the planet.


Just because you didn't get bitten now doesn't mean poking Rex the German Shepherd with a stick is a good idea.

The daily caller is a site often referenced by deniers, a site well known for it’s pushing of deneir nonsense and often straight out lies.
Real estimates on sea level rise have sea level rising by ~1m by the end of this century, at an average of 1m above sea level the Maldives will start to face issues by the middle of this century or 2050. Still a number of decades away although the Maldives is already starting to see flooding events like those seen in 2007.

No only global communism can stop it.

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
– Albert Einstein

dailycaller trash

The Daily Caller is somewhere in between InfoWars and the National Enquirer in credibility. I couldn't tell from that article who the source of the prediction was.Can you point to something we can actually track down, like a journal paper or IPCC report and we can check the prediction that they have? The Maldives certainly are endangered.

Liberals have short memories.Somebody could come out today with the same prediction and they would all wet their pants.The poster child for bad predictions is, 350 ppm of CO2 is not the point of no return.400 ppm was the new tipping point until we reached it.Then 400 ppm was just a meaningless number.The real tipping point is 450 ppm.And, unbelievably, they still have some credibility.

Those runways would be wet if there were a strong wind pushing the waves. It might not even require high tide.

The Maldives were the Alarmist "poster boy" for rising sea levels and played it up big time for Paris Accord monies, but once the US announced their intention of leaving the Accord things changed.

The Maldives dropped their "poor man charade" and announced the building of a huge new airport. Leaving the IPCC and their alarmists in damage control mode.

Wonderful, not quite sure what you are all excited about, nor what the article was pointing out. Sea levels have always risen, then fallen. There is proof of how high as well as low they have gotten. They have risen enough during human history to swallow cities., dropped low enough for us to cross the oceans, multiple times.This is all a known, known enough to get averages from, and recent history has been well below average. So it is going to happen, all of sudden too, plus more. We still think we can either hold back the waters or change the natural course, good luck on that.